Don't take our word for it, hear what we have done for others

Caleb Abney

Minnesota Twins Hitting Instructor

I have been familiar with Summit Sports Performance since its beginnings while I was coaching its founder in college. Of all the kids I have coached Summit's founder has stood out as one of the brightest and most competent. He was the type of player that had high level conversations with his coaches, as if he was one of them. He has taken this to Summit Sports Performance. In the same manner that he helped developed his college teammates he now uses at Summit Sports Performance. Summit Sports Performance's commitment to research and the constant purist of truth will continue to allow them to produce high caliber athletes. Summit Sports Performance is clearly focused on developing players and will be an industry leader for many years to come. 

Harrison Barger

Trainee, College Baseball Player (All Inclusive Hitting)

I have worked with Summit Sports Performance for 2 years now. S2 has not only helped me grow as a baseball player, but as a man. They are not afraid to push you out of your comfort zone to make you the best person possible.

Summit puts in extensive amount of time and research into everything they do. If you are willing to put in the work with them, they will go to endless lengths to help you and see you reach your goals. They are one of my biggest fans and has taken my athletic abilities to a new level. I am thankful to have worked with them and put my trust in them. Looking back that was the best move I have made in my baseball career. I have no doubt they can take anyone to a new level of ability that they never would have dreamed of achieving. 

Mike Harris

Father of trainee Raegan Harris (All Inclusive Hitting)

Nothing cookie cutter or limited feel good sessions here. Programming is based around honest strength development, mobility, and constraint based training. Programming is professional and challenges athletes to transform their game to be the best player and prospect their work ethic allows. This program isn't a promised overnight quick fix and should only be considered by highly dedicated athletes.