Previously only available to the pros. Now used at Summit's gym, and during mobile assessments.


Hittrax is a top of the line ball tracking unit that we utilize in gym to track each and every one of our athletes' batted balls. 

  • Exit velocity, launch angle, hard hit average, and many other metrics. 
  • Batted Ball Reports are critical to helping our training staff asses individual hitters' strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Integrated bat sensor data (see below) and slow motion video, so we order to understand what swing produced what result.
  • Track progress over time

4D Motion

4D Motion is a top notch 3D biomechanics capture technology that up to half of the MLB clubs are utilizing.  Biomechanics capture technology was something that was previously only available to high level pro athletes; until now, as it is available to all Summit Athletes.

  • Take the guesswork out; we now longer have to eyeball how an athlete moves.
  • Gather data on movement, speed, and direction of athlete's bodies.
  • Hitting, pitching, golf swing, and many more.
  • Use feedback to assess and dictate training to maximize performance. 

Rapsodo Pitching

Rapsodo pitching is a ground based pitch tracking unit, that is utilized by almost every MLB club, along with all of the most competitive D1 programs. 

  • Spin rate, spin axis, plots horizontal and vertical movement, and much more, in order to better understand a pitcher's arsenal
  • This allows our pitching trainees to maximize their pitch arsenal through pitch design sessions with our trainers, previously only available at the pro level.
  • Compare your pitches against professional pitchers, 
  • Help pitchers learn how to better attack hitters based off their arsenal. 

Slow Motion Cameras 

Our slow motion cameras are some of the top in the industry and allow us to evaluate each athlete to the fullest.

  • Shoot in up to 1000 fps, allowing for the highest quality.
  • Integrated with 4D Motion for biomechanics of pitchers, hitters, and golfers. 
  • Allows us to see how baseballs come off a pitchers fingers, as well as an in-depth review of the football release.

Diamond Kinetics

Diamond Kinetics is a bat sensor that gives us feedback on a player's swing. We used Blast Motion for a while, but when testing is compared to our biomechanics capture technology we found that it was not very accurate, so we moved to Diamond Kinetics. 

  • Bat speed and acceleration to bat path and plane
  • No more guessing what a player's swing is doing, now we can understand exactly how a hitter moves the bat through the zone. 
  • We integrate swing data with batted ball data from Hittrax, slow motion video and 4D Motion to understand and fully visualize exactly what swings produce what outcomes. 

Tendo Unit

Velocity Based training is a groundbreaking way of training athletes in the weight-room, used by the most successful teams ranging from MLB to NFL NBA and Division 1 programs. 

  • With this technology, we can assess how quickly an athlete is moving the load. 
  • Moving fast is the key to creating powerful, explosive athletes in any sport. 
  • Gives athletes instantaneous feedback; a motivator during their workouts, producing more competition and power development.  


Traq is a software designed to more effectively communicate and share information and data between our coaches and our athletes. Everything the athlete ever needs will be easily accessible and organized, right at their fingertips - from daily workouts to data tracking sheets to completed assessments.

  • "Day Plan" with all of their individualized, specific workouts for that day, week, and month. 
  • Used for remote and in gym athletes, as it provides every drill/exercise with linked videos
  • Input performance data, so we can track progress over time. 
  • Share assessments, reports, and other media such as videos with our athletes. 

Driveline Edge

Driveline edge is a revolutionary technology that makes it easy for every athlete to visualize the movement his/her pitch arsenal, and compare multipole pitches side by side. This technology is utilized in pitch design sessions to improve a pitcher's arsenal.

Motus Sleeve

Motus sleeve is a great piece of technology that allows us to track arm stress and workload over time. 

  • We utilize this during our biomechanical assessment to look at the forces on a pitchers arm. 
  • Additionally, we use it when bringing athletes back from rehabbing an injury to ensure we are monitoring stress.