About Us
Hear what we stand for at Summit Sports Performance

Summit Sports Performance is an in person and remote training service that focuses on building the athletes of the future. To do this we focus on building highly individualized programs for each and every one of our athletes, there is absolutely no cookie cutting at Summit Sports. While our origins in training came from baseball, we have since evolved to building high performance athletes in multiple sports. The Summit team has successfully trained softball players, golfers, track and field athletes, football players, and wrestlers, in addition to baseball players. At Summit we have trained numerous college athletes in the sports listed above, as well as developed high school athletes into college bound athletes. 

The Summit team is comprised of trainers with vastly different backgrounds, all of which played college athletics. The team is comprised of former and current draft prospects, players with years of experience, and professionals in the field all on the training staff. At Summit, we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest levels of certification in our staff. We have a Driveline Certified Pitching Instructor, multiple Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS), Certified Biomechanics Specialists , a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), certified Athletic Trainer (AT), and Certified Sports Dietician. Members of our staff are involved in further education such as guest lectures at Physical Therapy Schools in the topics of 2D and 3D Biomechanics, Tommy John rehabilitation research, and more continuing education such as OnBase U, TPI, and many more. 

Remote training is the training method of the future; with today's technology remote training allows trainers to be with their athletes 24/7 via FaceTime, email, or text message. The Summit team utilizes an advanced software to get out their programs to the remote athletes.

Our Mission Statement: Our mission is to build the athletes of the future. With our programs and trainers on staff, we seek to unlock the athletes true potential. Our team works to instill a strong work ethic, accountability, and passion in our athletes.